• Don’t feel like yourself?
• Do you feel lost?
• Have people asked you, “what’s wrong with you?”
• Do you feel something is off but you can’t put your finger on it?
• You no longer enjoy the things you enjoyed e.g. socializing, friends, sports, etc.?
• Don’t understand what the problem is?
• Have people suggested you to seek help or see a counsellor?
• Have you been secretly googling your symptoms e.g. “feeling sad” or “not feeling happy”?
• Have your grades been falling?
• or performance on job declining? or you are not able to focus on your tasks?
• Anything you try doesn’t seem to work?
• Have you lost hope or self esteem or confidence?
• Do you feel anxious?
• Are you having problem adjusting to the new job or school?
• Experiencing ‘financial problem’, ‘depression’, ‘family or other conflict’?
• Feeling like harming yourself or others?
• Thinking of committing suicide?
• Are you hoping that things will settle down on its own?
• Are you hesitant to seek help because you believe that counselling is for ‘crazy people’?
• Do you think your counsellor will judge you?

Don’t worry. Your are not the only one facing these dilemmas. You will be surprised to know, as with most health care providers, counsellors have people waiting for their turn- meaning, lot more people are seeking professional help than you can possibly think of.

It’s okay to be anxious and/or hesitant to see a counsellor – but just be aware that you could be doing more damage by not seeing a counsellor. Counsellors don’t blame you or judge you. They don’t advise you on ‘what to do’. They can help you gain insight into your problem and help you develop a customized plan and even provide you tools to cope with your challenges and make desired changes. They can provide you different options e.g. individual therapy, group therapy, referrals etc. Everything you discuss with your counsellor is completely confidential with some exceptions and your counsellor will explain you before initiating the session. One last thing – counselling works for a lot of people and for a variety of issues. People usually report coming out of counselling feeling better or stronger or more competent to deal with their situation.

Remember: “Now is the time to change”.

We wish you well for your life. Take good care of yourself. We hope for you that you have the courage to ask for help. It doesn’t have to be us. We are just a phone call away. Please feel free to contact us to see if our counselling/therapy services is right for you.